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Improving Montessori teacher education programs through the process of accreditation.

MACTE is the international standard setting and accrediting body for Montessori educator preparation. MACTE has been recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education since 1995.

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The Value of Accreditation:

MACTE accreditation is an assurance of quality that brings credibility to educator preparation programs (EPPs) and improves EPP’s appeal to potential adult learners.

With accreditation comes a common understanding in the broader higher education world that an EPP meets certain standards of quality – and in turn, that its graduates are well-prepared as educators. MACTE is not here to force all educator preparation programs into one mold. In fact, MACTE helps encourage innovation and continuous self-improvement by providing directors the flexibility to design their programs while helping make sure it meets high quality standards.

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The Accreditation Process:

The accreditation process is open to any Montessori teacher education institution or program which meets the Quality Principles and Criteria. Here is a high-level overview of what the process entails for each program:


Program faculty prepares and submits an application and the appropriate fee.


Program faculty submits the Self-Study for formative evaluation.

Staff Analysis

Program faculty responds to the MACTE staff analysis.

Third Party Comments

Program faculty distributes request for third party comments to all stakeholders.

On-Site Verification Visit

Program faculty receives and hosts the verifiers for the on-site visit, then responds to reports.

Board Meeting

MACTE sends the Self-Study, OSVT Report, and Program Director’s response to the MACTE board. The program is presented for discussion, and the board deliberates and votes on accreditation.

Post Board Meeting

Program faculty accepts or appeals MACTE’s action. If the decision is to accredit and the program accepts the decision, MACTE announces the decision.

to learn more about the accreditation process in more detail.

Resources for Existing Programs

Find accreditation forms & applications, pay dues & fees online, access our 2018 MACTE Guide to Accreditation, and more!

Visit our document library for more information.

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