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MACTE Guide to Accreditation

MACTE’s accreditation is based on three quality principles. Each program must demonstrate they are in substantial compliance of these three quality principles in order to be granted and to maintain an accredited status. The MACTE Quality Principles are:


Evidence of Candidate Learning


Faculty Learning and Inquiry


Program Capacity

These quality principles are widely applicable to a diverse group of Montessori programs. They are designed to promote quality and stability while accommodating reasonable variations and special characteristics of each program. MACTE Quality Principles are intended to acknowledge, respect, and complement the rights of programs and organizations to be self-defining and self-determining.


In addition to these quality principles, accredited programs are required to incorporate MACTE competencies into their course syllabi. The program must demonstrate how all of the competencies are being met, and it is likely that certain competencies will be targeted multiple times. Each category of competencies allows the program to demonstrate how they are training their adult learners to be competent, caring, and qualified professionals.

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