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Value for Adult Learners

A credential from a MACTE-accredited program opens up a world of employment opportunities for adult learners.

Graduates from a MACTE-accredited program will have access to the broadest possible job opportunities and increased pathways for Montessori credentials/diplomas to be accepted for state licensure across the country and to be recognized by governments around the world.

Montessori children’s schools can look at credentials from a MACTE-accredited program and know that training met certain quality standards.

A MACTE-accredited credential/diploma can make a graduate eligible for state licensure, depending on the state – many states recognize a credential from a MACTE-accredited program for state licensure.

Graduating from an accredited program means graduates will gain international recognition of their Montessori credentials.

If a MACTE accredited program is eligible to participate in receiving Title IV funding, adult learners may be able to use federal grants and loans to pay for their tuition.

With an accredited program, adult learners know they're receiving a high-quality education with hands-on experience that will leave them well-prepared to lead in a Montessori classroom.