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Value for Programs

MACTE accreditation is an assurance of quality that brings credibility to educator preparation programs (EPPs) and improves EPP’s appeal to potential adult learners. With accreditation comes a common understanding in the broader higher education world that an EPP meets certain standards of quality – and in turn, that its graduates are well-prepared as educators.

Accreditation matters to adult learners. In many states, a credential/diploma from a MACTE-accredited program is recognized for state teaching licensure, and MACTE supports efforts to have the number of states continue to grow. In addition, having a credential/diploma from a MACTE-accredited program can open up job opportunities for graduates. 

MACTE is not here to force all educator preparation programs into one mold. In fact, MACTE helps encourage innovation and continuous self-improvement by providing directors the flexibility to design their programs while helping make sure it meets high quality standards.

Accreditation will open doors for programs and adult learners in terms of access to federal funding and, in some states, teacher licensure.