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Value for The Public

MACTE accreditation works to promote quality Montessori education for all by ensuring teachers are competent, caring, and qualified. The public has assurance that the MACTE competencies and practicum experiences cover the essential knowledge and skills necessary to lead in a Montessori environment.

MACTE accreditation provides assurance to the public that the Montessori schools in their community are staffed with well-prepared educators. This is especially useful information for parents who want to make informed decisions about school options for their children.


For state and licensing agencies that issue credentials and oversee teacher licensure, MACTE accreditation provides critical information that allows them to rely on the process of accreditation for quality assurance. MACTE accreditation allows for a common understanding about the quality of accredited programs for those in the licensing field. In addition, employers can count on the preparation and skills of potential candidates knowing they have graduated from a MACTE-accredited program.