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Value for MROs

MACTE is here to support the efforts of our MACTE Recognized organizations (MROs) and the MRO’s affiliate educator preparation programs. The Montessori community is united through MROs.

Being a MRO offers the following benefits to EPPs:

  1. Program graduates will have access to the broadest possible job opportunities and increased pathways for their Montessori credentials/diplomas to be accepted for state licensure across the country and to be recognized by governments around the world.
  2. Programs will be eligible to apply to participate in accepting Title IV funding from their enrollees.
  3. Programs have the opportunity to collaborate and discuss key topics with leaders of other MROs at the MACTE Symposium.
  4. Members of MROs may be eligible to receive a seat on the MACTE board.

Because accreditation is widely recognized in higher education, MACTE helps bridge the gap that can exist between Montessori and the broader higher education field.

The focus on EPPs allows MACTE to take an expansive view of program quality—including curriculum, graduation rates, employment rates, and licensure—which frees MROs up to focus on other equally important aspects of their missions