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Frequently Asked Questions

For adult learners

Does MACTE accreditation really matter? Caret Down

Yes, there are a multitude of benefits of attending a MACTE accredited educator preparation program! Visit the value of accreditation section to learn more about why attending a MACTE accredited program is important.

I want to become a Montessori teacher. Which program should I attend?Caret Down

MACTE does not make recommendations of individual programs. MACTE does, however, provide a list of accredited programs to assist in your search. Your best step forward to determining the best program for you is to contact a program directly to learn more about what they offer.

What is the difference between MACTE and MACTE Recognized Organizations (MROs)?Caret Down

Accreditation and affiliation both share the goal of improving the quality of preparation Montessori educators receive. You can learn more about MROs here. Accreditation is a widely recognized process in higher education that independently evaluates that a program has met certain quality standards under the U.S. Department of Education guidelines for being a recognized accreditor. Accreditation allows programs to apply for certain federal funds, and in some states, allows their graduates to receive state licensure.

I attended a program that was not MACTE accredited. Can MACTE certify my credential?Caret Down

MACTE accredits the Montessori educator preparation programs who provide training and issues credentials, certificates, or diplomas to adult learners. MACTE does not evaluate individual adult learners, their certificates/diplomas, or transcripts.


A possible solution is to contact a MACTE accredited program and see if your training and experience could be transferred and then expedited through to graduation. This criteria is set by individual programs and their affiliation. At this point, contacting prospective programs would be the best way to gain further clarification.

For program directors

I want to establish MACTE accreditation for my training program. What is the first step? Caret Down

The first step is to review the MACTE Guide to Accreditation. Here is the link to the Guide where it can be downloaded.
Every program works with a MACTE Recognized Organization (MRO), and you need to establish from the beginning which MRO you will be affiliating with. The MRO will give your teacher education program direction with regard to the curriculum content and any requirements in addition to what MACTE requires. A list of MROs can be found here.
The next step is to submit the accreditation application. Almost all required forms can be found here: After receiving your application, MACTE follows up with an invoice and payment instructions. After payment is received, your program and Self-Study are established in the online portal.

What is the timeline for the accreditation process? Caret Down

Once your application has been accepted, you have two years to submit the Self-Study. The time it takes a program faculty to prepare a Self-Study varies and depends on circumstances such as program structure, available documentation, and your program’s commitment to the process.

should be submitted at least 9 months prior to the desired on-site date for renewal applicants and 9 to 12 months prior for initial applicants; the on-site visit must take place when adult learners are in session.

I am feeling overwhelmed by the whole accreditation process. Help! Caret Down

A word of encouragement: preparing the Self-Study is intended to be a reflective process where you share your program’s mission and history, as well as learn where you may want to grow. The Self-Study writing process should be a collaborative effort and not a task for one person to complete. Read the Guide to Accreditation, begin collecting documentation, and jump in to start the work.

For additional support, MACTE conducts live webinars about the MACTE accreditation process throughout the year (dates are shared through the MACTE newsletter, event section of this website, and Facebook page). During the webinar, the MACTE accreditation team walks you through the accreditation process from start to finish, and time is provided to ask questions throughout the session. It is an excellent opportunity for those involved in the accreditation process.

Volunteering as an on-site verifier is also a good way to prepare for your own on-site visit and learn more about the accreditation process. You can also watch for training webinars through our newsletter, website, and Facebook page.

For the public

I have a question about a children’s Montessori school. Can you help?Caret Down

MACTE works with Montessori training programs, not in children’s schools. Contact the children’s school or speak with the organization they may be affiliated with. Additionally, the Montessori Public Policy Initiative created “Montessori Essentials,” a document that can help you determine if a specific Montessori school is the right fit for your family.

I am a head of a children’s school. Can you verify a Montessori credential for me?Caret Down

The MACTE seal on the credential/diploma is the indicator that the student graduated from a MACTE-accredited teacher education program. MACTE maintains a database and can verify for you if a person is a graduate from a MACTE-accredited program. Please contact with your inquiry.

I would like to be involved with MACTE. How can I do so?Caret Down

MACTE relies on a team of qualified volunteers to serve as on-site verifiers. This is an opportunity that provides a deep understanding of the MACTE accreditation process, allows you to network with those in the field, and earns you professional development points. Visit the “Become an On-Site Verifier” section to learn more.

Who can serve as a MACTE board member?Caret Down

The MACTE Board of Directors is composed of representatives from MROs and public members. Subscribe to MACTE’s newsletter to stay informed about future board seat openings.

I have a concern about a MACTE accredited program. What should I do?Caret Down

MACTE takes concerns about the quality of accredited programs seriously. Please visit the File a Complaint section to learn more about the complaint process and policies and to file your complaint.