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MACTE Inclusion in the National Workforce Registry’s Definition for Training Organization Recognition

The National Workforce Registry (NWRA) has a mission to provide registries to states with resources on data related support on “the workforce, standards of quality for workforce data systems, and a strong national voice driving relevant policies and initiatives” (

MACTE has enjoyed a working relationship with the NWRA for many years. Recently the MACTE staff met with the NWRA and their new leadership to answer questions regarding the accreditation process and MACTE as a recognized accreditor by the U.S Department of Education. We provided information to demonstrate the rigor of MACTE accredited Montessori teacher education programs.

We are very pleased to share the below letter we received from Dr. Kimberlee Belcher-Badal, Executive Director of the NWRA:

Good Afternoon Dr. Pelton,

I am happy to be contacting you today to inform you that MACTE’s request for inclusion in the NWRA definitions for Training Organization Recognition (TOR) has been voted on and approved as of today September 21, 2021. I apologize for the length of time it took to review but, as you know, this has been a learning process and organizational shift moving towards greater inclusivity and diversity. We value your long-term membership, patience, and persistence in working with our community to help us better understand the nuances of the accreditation world. You can expect this change to take effect on October 01, 2021.

What this means for the Montessori community:

  1. MACTE will be added to the TOR definitions as one of the qualifying pathways to recognition, in addition to CHEA recognized accreditation or IACET accreditation for training organization recognition and inclusion (see list).
  2. Effective Oct 01, MACTE accredited Teacher Preparation Programs can now apply for TOR through the NWRA (more detailed information is available on our website).
  3. There are currently 14 states that utilize, weigh, or consider TOR in their training org approval (AK, AZ, ID, IA, NE, NV, OR, PA, TX, UT, WY, and to a lesser degree CA, IL, NJ).
  4. Please know that TOR was developed by registries to support reciprocity and portability as one of eight national “SOAR” goals, with a 2023 community goal of having 50% of states utilizing or weighing that recognition in their approvals.
  5. Due to the shifting landscape, we expect this work to be revisited in 2022, to look deeply across the community and at our collective systems design to see what is and is not working. TOR will be a component in that review.
  6. The NWRA TOR does not mandate state acceptance, nor does it ensure nationwide acceptance. Instead, it is intended to highlight programs that have gone the extra mile to demonstrate a commitment to quality in ECE teacher preparation; states may have additional criteria or requirements of their own.

Again, we celebrate this moment of collaboration and recognize MACTE’s important role as a recognized accreditor holding ECE {early childhood education} Teacher Preparation to consistent standards for continuous improvement and accountability. Moreover, we recognize the members in your community who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate quality standards are met and adult learners are supported and protected. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate in the future and send kind regards to your team.