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Fall 2020 COVID-19 Policies

Academic Hours
The safety and well being of program faculty and adult learners is of the utmost importance. Should government restrictions or safety issues prohibit meeting in person, programs may conduct all of their academic courses online for upcoming fall of 2020 cohorts. MACTE encourages programs to schedule in-residence hours whenever possible. This pandemic allowance is only currently for the fall 2020 cohorts and will not be a permanent option for programs.

Practicum Hours

For practicum hours, at least 120 hours of in-person student teaching are required. After the 120 in-person hours are met, programs can count time spent teaching virtually towards the practicum requirements. Three field visits are still required. The field visits may be conducted virtually if necessary. Programs should carefully consider ways they may need to provide additional support for their adult learners during these challenging times.

MACTE Requirements
Teaching online: Programs teaching 10% or more of their academic hours online must submit the Substantive Change 5B application if they have not done so already. The fee at this time is waived, but should the program decide to permanently offer online courses, the fee will be required.

Teaching all of an academic course online: Programs must email MACTE about the change of moving all online if this becomes necessary. A follow-up conversation between the program and MACTE will take place to ensure the program is prepared to utilize best practices for their online course.

On-site Verification Visits
On-site verification visits are proceeding with being scheduled and conducted. MACTE is determining the best way to conduct on-site visits (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) on a case-by-case basis. Virtual visits may require a follow up visit to occur in-person.