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Current Programs:

West Side Montessori School’s Teacher Education Program / New York City, New York

Course Level: Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, and Elementary I & I-II

Type: Renewal of Accreditation (IT and EC) Initial Accreditation EL I & I-II

Institute for Montessori Innovation at Westminster College / Salt Lake City, Utah

Course Level: Infant & Toddler

Type: Initial Accreditation

Cambridge Montessori Institute / Cambridge, Massachusetts

Course Level: Infant and Toddler

Type: Initial Accreditation

East Bay Montessori Training / Fremont, California

Course Level: Early Childhood

Type: Initial Accreditation

Montessori Center for Teacher Education / San Diego, California

Course Level: Elementary II

Type: Initial of Accreditation

Houston Montessori Center / Houston, Texas

Course Level: Elementary II

Type: Initial Accreditation

Centro de Entrenamiento Montessori/ Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Course Level: Early Childhood, Elementary I-I

Type: Renewal of Accreditation

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