The accreditation process is open to any Montessori teacher education institution or program which meets the Quality Principles and Criteria. Institutions are eligible for accreditation regardless of their professional affiliation, organizational form, sources of financial support, size of enrollment, or location.

Each potential applicant should thoroughly read the MACTE Guide to Accreditation before beginning the accreditation process. This document will address questions you may have with regard to program eligibility (e.g., Does your program have qualified personnel? Does your program meet the required number of academic and practicum hours?)

To get started or for further inquiries, please email or by phone at (434) 202-7793.

Accreditation Process at a Glance

Step 1. Application
Program Actions:
  • Program contacts the MACTE office with intent to start the application process
  • Program faculty prepares and submits an application with the application fee
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE staff consults with the program administration
  • MACTE accepts or rejects application (on eligibility requirements) and accepts or returns fees accordingly
Step 2. Self-Study or Self-Study Proposal
Program Actions: 
  • Program faculty attends a MACTE workshop or webinar on writing the Self-Study or Self-Study Proposal
  • Program faculty submits the Self-Study for formative evaluation
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE Staff reviews Self-Study for completeness, clarity and auditability
  • MACTE sends self study to a reader who completes the content review
  • MACTE sends program reader feedback in the form of a Staff Analysis
Step 3. Staff Analysis
Program Actions:
  • Program faculty responds to MACTE Staff Analysis (15 business days)
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE declares Self-Study auditable and instructs program to submit final version of Self-Study
  • MACTE accepts Self-Study for audit and submits it to the On-Site Team Leader and On-Site Verification Team (OSVT)
Step 4. Call-for-Comments
Program Actions:
  • Program faculty lets specified parties know call-for-comments letter to all specified parties.
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE places program on MACTE Website's "Call-for-Comments" page
Step 5. On-Site Verification Visit
Program Actions:
  • Program faculty submits data for visit as requested.Program faculty respond to any clarification questions as needed
  • Program faculty receives and hosts auditors during visit (2-4 days)
  • Program faculty responds to audit reports
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE schedules the visit and sends On-Site Verification Visit Documentation
  • OSVT verifies submitted data and formulate questions for the audit
  • OSVT completes visit to program
  • OSVT Leader prepares OSVT Report and sends to program director
  • MACTE staff responds to program comments
Step 6. Case Analysis
Program Actions:
  • MACTE office prepares the Case Analysis for the Accreditation Committee
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE sends Self-Study, OSVT Report, Case Analysis and Program Director's response to Accreditation Committee
Step 7. Accreditation Committee Meeting
Program Actions:
  • Accreditation Committee deliberates the case for accreditation decision
MACTE Actions:
  • MACTE formally announces the decision to the program and sends an official letter of accreditation along with a certificate of accreditation and a posting on the MACTE website
Step 8. Board of Directors Accreditation
Program Actions:
  • Program faculty accepts or appeals MACTE's action (within 30 days)
MACTE Actions:
  • If the decision is to accredit and the program accepts the decision, MACTE announces the decision. If the decision is to not accredit and the program appeals, MACTE initiates its appeal process