Montessori Accreditation Council

for Teacher Education

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (IMC) **2008
EC (FA, November 1, 2015)
EL I-II (FA, October 17, 2017)


Messiah Montessori School

1224 Museum Drive

Houma, Louisiana 70360

Billing: 9650 Strickland Rd., Ste 103
        Raleigh, NC 27165

Contact: Kitty Bravo
Telephone: (352) 210-0472
Fax: (941) 745-3111

Organizational Affiliation is indicated next to the name of the program (with acronyms in parenthesis):
*Interim Reports are due one year before the approval date.  See further instructions in the Interim Report Guidelines.
**Year of Initial Accreditation
(D) Distance Education
(Title IV) Free Standing institution that has been certified to offer Title IV funds to students by the U.S. Department of Education